Update on Portnoy Family

Update from Portnoy support committee in NFLD: "the Humanitarian Application included extensive medical documentation on how a deportation would negatively affect the health and well being of the children involved and the fact that this information was clearly ignored. Given the current situation in Israel, this hardly provides any comfort level. The thought that three Canadian children, two siblings including a newborn and their parents are being deported to a war torn country, is gut wrenching".

During the H & C review process, not one call or visit was made to the family or any named parties, or any medial professionals referred to in the applications; the recommendation of the Newfoundland & Labrador Child Advocate was ignored; the application was mysteriously not reviewed in St. John's but in Moncton (as we were advised). It is alarming to think the NL Immigration Office was deemed unfit or unqualified to access a file; and to add insult, no clear reasons were given in the letter of rejection, just a flat "no".

Lee Cohen, legal counsel for the Portnoys, is shocked by the decision of CIC. "The Portnoy family are perfect candidates for the humanitarian process. It is shocking that it was rejected. But when it comes to people in sanctuary, Canada acts much like a child, and feels the need to win. Canada refuses to let people in sanctuary win regardless of how just their cause. In the absence of fairness in the system, the Portnoys are powerless. They need to hear voices of anger rising up from the people of Newfoundland and Labrador expressing frustration over this decision."