About Us

Basis of Unity

No One is Illegal (NOII) Halifax is a colleactive guided by anti-oppression principles that advocates and fights for the rights, dignity, and respect of immigrants and refugees, as well as those living without status. We believe that we must work to oppose the economic, social and environmental conditions that force migration, which includes supporting the struggles of Indigenous peoples in their fight against displacement and the ongoing theft of their land.

NOII Halifax organizes around three main principles:

• We believe that the fundamental purpose of borders is to divide and control people, and to maintain a system of global inequality. Migration across borders is a part of people's struggle for autonomy and self-determination.

• We believe that granting citizenship to a privileged few is part of a racist immigration and border policy designed to exploit and marginalize migrants.

• We believe that use of the concept “immigrant status” allows governments to keep a massive class of workers that cannot ask for just working conditions, which in turn lowers working conditions and salaries for all workers.

Membership Structure 

NOII Halifax's structure:
NOII Halifax uses an open collective with a semi-closed decision making and co-ordinating structure.

What this means:
NOII Halifax will strive to have the majority of decisions made by the whole collective. There will be opportunities for anyone involved to express opinions and be part of decision-making. However, some decisions may be made by a smaller contingent of NOII Halifax -- those most involved and with the most understanding of the goings-on of the group.

Reasons for a semi-closed decision making structure:
NOII Halifax is comprised of individuals of varying involvement and commitment. Having a semi-closed decision making and co-ordinating structure is practical because it means that important and timely decisions can be made by those with the greatest understanding of a given situation and of the group's structure.

This structure allows NOII Halifax to operate in a fluid, stable and cohesive manner. When doing support work and political campaigns involving migrant communities, it is essential to build trust. Part of trust building entails having both an accessible collective and a decision making model which ensures stability in the group.

NOII Halifax works in solidarity with individuals and families who are sometimes in delicate situations where it is important that certain pieces of information are not publicised. We want to make sure that anyone with knowledge of sensitive information understands and respects the importance of discretion in these situations. 

Who can be involved in NOII Halifax:
Anyone who wants to be involved is welcome to do so. The degree to which an individual participates depends on their own commitment and availability.

How to become a member:
Come to NOII Halifax events and meetings!

Contact a current member of NOII Halifax and talk about getting involved. Meet with NOII Halifax members who will tell you about the structure of NOII Halifax and how it works; our
our basis of unity; what our policies are; how to attend meetings and how to participate in actions, planning and discussions.

To become a core member, you will need to meet in person with other core members to discuss your interest in joining the organization as a core member. You may be asked to get involved at a general level prior to gaining core status in order to familiarize yourself with the organization's policies and objectives.

Core members:
Core members are privy to sensitive information arising from the support work we do with directly affected community members. Core members also have exclusive decision-making power over the organizational structure of NOII Halifax.

General members:
General members can attend general meetings, express their opinions and be part of the general decision-making of operations within NOII Halifax. General members can also, if they wish, take on organizing responsibilities for events, meetings and campaigns.

Mailing list:
Anyone who wishes to be kept informed about NOII Halifax's activities, but does not wish to take on an active role in the organization can join our mailing list by contacting