Update on Mohammed Mahjoub: Bail Now Raised

(From the People's Commission)

Bail now raised; donations still neededSecurity certificate detainee remains in Kingston Immigration HoldingCentre (KIHC)
All the money needed for bail for Mohammed Mahjoub has now beenraised! The response to the appeal has been a strong expression of oursolidarity. It has meant a great deal to Mr. Mahjoub to receive thiskind of community support and solidarity. THANK YOU!
* Financial donations are still needed. Unjustly prevented fromworking by the court-imposed bail regime, he is forced to rely on oursupport and solidarity. WE NEED ENOUGH TO COVER MR. MAHJOUB'S LIVINGEXPENSES - RENT, FOOD, AND OTHER ESSENTIAL NEEDS - FOR THE NEXTSEVERAL MONTHS.
Make checks out to: "Marlys Edwardh Barristers ProfessionalCorporation in trust". Note that it is for Mohammed Mahjoub. Send bymail to: 20 Dundas Street West, Suite 1100. Toronto Ontario Canada M5G2G8.
* In addition, if you are in Toronto, donations of furniture (bed,dresser, kitchen-table, chairs, couch, linens, curtains, kitchen-ware)would be very much appreciated. Please get in touch atabolissons@gmail.com if you can help with that.